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Inner Peace | Original Oil Painting

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36x48in Oil on Canvas 

"Inner Peace" is inspired by the biblical story behind Joseph's cloak of many colors.

This painting draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of Joseph's story, a narrative woven with the hues of transformation, forgiveness, and divine providence. Like the biblical cloak of many colors, it's a visual testament to life's capacity for change and the beauty that emerges through grace.

The work is a celebration of the journey, acknowledging that beauty and peace often come with time. It captures a moment of serenity—a face marked by tranquility, eyes closed in peaceful contemplation.

The figure's composed expression serves as a canvas within a canvas, mirroring the inner stillness that surrender brings.

This piece invites the viewer to find their own inner peace with their journey and the unfolding of God's perfect plan.

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