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Makers Refinery

Helping you make the right impression

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Create a captivating and profitable business

Crafting strategic brand experiences


We are here to help passionate, heart-centered business owners and change-makers utilize their values, vision, and purpose to position their brands to be authentic, compelling and impactful.

Is your brand effectively communicating what you want clients to expect, experience and remember about you?

Let's get Real

You love what you do but aren't confident about how you are representing yourself. 

You value your business and care about making the right impression.

You want to showcase your brand's spirit and strengths in a way that builds confidence and trust in your ideal clients. 

it's time to make a change

a big one

We are here to help you create purposeful brand encounters so you can connect with your ideal clients in a meaningful way. 

brand activation experience

 custom collaborative experience

Brand & Web Design

A one-of-a-kind brand and web design to entice and connect with your ideal clients. 

Custom Event Design

Create lasting, meaningful, and memorable connections with supporters and clients. 

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