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Shine | Original Oil Painting

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16x20in Oil on Canvas

"Shine" is an exquisite portrayal of radiance and confidence, a celebration of light both literal and metaphorical. With a backdrop reminiscent of the sun's golden rays, this painting exudes warmth and the infectious energy of a summer day.

The subject, adorned in white-rimmed sunglasses, becomes the embodiment of cool elegance and inner strength. Her afro, a soft halo of natural beauty, complements the sunburst pattern that frames her, suggesting her own luminosity is as commanding as the sun itself.

Dressed in a dress with abstract patterns, she stands boldly, a modern muse of style and grace. The orange hues of her attire mirror the vibrant background, reinforcing a sense of cohesion and the undeniably magnetic aura that surrounds her.

"Shine" is a beacon that encourages us to let our light shine.

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