Elevate your brand & attract high-value clients.

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signature vip design week intensive

Freedom to decide who you want to work with and say no to those who drain you

Flexibility to spend more time doing things with those you love

To make an impact and help more client get results

To turn your business into a profitable resource instead of a cash burning machine

You want:

To create your own opportunities and set rates you feel excited about charging

Attracting wrong fit clients - the ones who want caviar on tuna budget and always asking for a discount.

Losing business to the competition simply because they look like they got their stuff together

Experiencing brand shame because you're NOT showing up the way you want to be perceived

Overworking, overselling and yet undercharging and underearning

You are phenomenal at what you do.

But the problem is, you are:

But you’re struggling to make consistent sales at your current rate and charging more just seems out of reach. You recognize that your brand looks and feels all over place.

making the wrong impression 
diluting your marketing efforts 
turning high value clients off

Brand inconsistency is costing you money by:

You want and need to raise your prices,

What was good enough for when you started is causing you to miss opportunities that are meant for you now. 

But you knew that already which is             you’re here. 

But you knew that already which is           you’re here. 


We are conversion focused.

In life and in business pretty only gets you so farYou need substance and depth to take things to the next level. 

We know that to build an effective solution that can attract the right people; we first need to understand who they are, what they care about, and how your brand can align itself to meet their needs. 

Together we get to the heart of the matter. We do a deep dive into your business and your industry. We access your it factor and what makes you unique in your market. 

This is not a fill-in some Google docs, wait a few months, and be delivered something that you have no connection to process. 

No, this is a let’s lift the hood, see what’s really going on, properly diagnose the problem, and build a solution on a solid foundation that can grow with you. You will receive the tools, resources, and why behind the strategy to carry through your brand even after our work together is done. 

why we start with strategy

When people readily recognize your value you can expand what you thought was possible with your business. 

We offer a clear, comprehensive framework that helps you dig beyond the surface and focus on what matters to create a deeper connection with your best-fit clients.

We provide brand strategy based on research, empathy, and a deep desire to nurture and support your ideal client

Elevate your brand | Master your message | Ignite your impact 

VIP Design Week Process


We dive deep into your goals, values, mission, your brand’s reason for being. So that we can support you in building the brand that is in alignment with the life you want to lead.


Conditioning for Success

Offer Alignment

We get inside the mind of your ideal customer. We find out their needs, what they really care about, and how you are uniquely aligned to serve them. We uncover the strategy that will attract, connect, and convert your best fit clients.




No more being clueless about what to say, together we align your expertise with what your ideal client desires. We build out your irresistible offer messaging and frameworks that you can use on your website and beyond. 


Message Mastery 

Brand & Website Design 

We build your visual presence that is alignment with getting the attention of  your ideal buyers. We build out your site architecture and the key components needed to properly position your offer and provide a phenomenal user experience that ushers the leads in. 




Just so we are absolutely sure that you are happy with everything from the messaging to the website design, we dedicate this stage for any final revisions. You will have access to a working mockup to see your new site in action. 


Revisions & Testing

Launch & Pop the Confetti

As we wrap up, we talk through your growth strategy to drive traffic to your new site.  Then it's time to celebrate your efforts and spread the word.  



Get your brand & website in 1 week

This is by no means a rushed process but an efficient one.

Instead of the nightmare of endless emails back and forth over the course of months, we have a focused and dedicated to you design week to execute your brand needs.

This is not like going to a hairdresser that triple books and you sit there alllll day for a service that only took a fraction of the time. No, we get in and get out of the way so you can get back to growing your empire. 

All pre-work is due three weeks before your scheduled design week.

This is to give time for us to review your materials, conduct research and identify any missing items before it is execution week. This works out for us both, because you’ll know exactly what will be needed from you up front and our studio will have what we need to perform our best work. 

After onboarding & the completion of client prework

Who has blocked off time just for you

quick communication

professional results

so you can get back to business

instead get a professional designer:

get a professional designer:

say goodbye to:

Endless back and forth emails with designers and no end in sight

Stressing over what to say on your website

Wondering if your website will ever be ready to launch



next steps

Our signature experience starts at $8,000 or 4 payments of $2000. A 25% deposit is required to hold your spot on our calendar. 

Our base package timeline is 1 week. Your design week can be scheduled within three weeks of completing the client prework. 

If you're ready to elevate your brand and build a website that converts, schedule a consultation at the link below.

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