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Feeling like your offer is expensive

Changing your view changes how you sell

How you view yourself and what you have to offer changes how you show up, give, and sell.

Expensive has associations for being overpriced, costly, extortionary, “priced beyond its intrinsic worth or is beyond a prospective buyer’s means.” – Webster’s Dictionary

If you see your offers as expensive, you can’t show up the way you need to for your business.

When we believe our offers are expensive, we negate or shortchange the value that they intrinsically have. Communicating the true value of our offers becomes hard, because we’ve already devalued it in our minds.

And since we have integrity we don’t want to overcharge people. So we settle for low prices that don’t allow us to pay our bills, receive help, create killer client experiences, or grow.

We become suffocated by the very work we once loved and dread the very clients that we prayed for. Working crazy hours feeling overworked and underpaid, by the making of our own hands.

And to think all this started because we thought our offer is expensive.

It’s time we change how we view your offers. Seeing them as an investment, as adding value, and providing a return to our clients.

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