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Top 10 reasons why it’s hard for potential clients to buy from you

1. You’re talking at them instead of to them

Using industry jargon is a sure-fire way to confuse people. It’s hard for people to buy into something they don’t understand; you’ll only repel them.

Use the words your market uses to describe what they want. Mirror what prospects recognize they need and you’ll create a message that resonates.

Are you being self-centered in your communication?

Making your messaging all about you and your company makes it hard for prospects to see what’s in it for them.

Your audience wants to know that you understand them and can help them get what they want. Make sure you put what your audience cares about front and center.

2. You’ve no brand and are attempting to appeal to a broad market.

The market doesn’t know who you are, what you do, and why you do things the way you do them.

Striving to have a broad appeal leads to a watered-down generic message.

It creates a barrier for prospects to know if your offer is for them. It’s like trying to shout at a crowd in a noisy environment hoping someone will pay attention to you.

You are much better off identifying who you want to talk to and address them. Craft your offers and your messaging to help them, and you’ll attract more people like them.

3. You don’t have a professional and attractive brand appearance

People do judge a book by its cover online. Is your current brand image hurting the view of quality that you want to represent? Are you making the right impression?

A well-designed brand gives the perception of value and professionalism.

4. You don’t have an obvious problem you solve, matched with the result prospects are looking for

Create a no brainer offer where your value can be immediately understood.

Trying to be a jack of all trades cheapens your value. You must be able to communicate what is in it for your customer.

(how does it make their lives better, ease burdens, save time, money, or make them feel better)

5. You haven’t identified your market differentiators.

Why should prospects choose you over the competition?

When your brand is generic and like your market peers, it becomes a commodity. Then the price is the only value differentiator. Which creates the race to the bottom effect.

You want potential clients to see you as THE one for them, not a cheaper alternative. What are the benefits of working with you?

6. You haven’t done the work to establish trust

Build a consistent presence, it allows your audience to grow the know, like, and trust factor. You can do this by offering free valuable content.

Present a consistent message in alignment with your values. And over time you’ll develop brand recognition and trust.

7. People don’t know you exist

Customers can’t buy what they don’t know exists.

Are you visible on the right platforms, circles, or groups to reach your ideal audience?

You have to meet your ideal clients where they are. If you are marketing, and prospects still don’t know about you, it’s time to evaluate why. Being the best-kept secret is not good for business.

Nowadays, if your business doesn’t have an online presence, it feels like it doesn’t exist.

8. You haven’t addressed the objections that prospects have about your industry or business.

Are there mindset shifts or limiting beliefs that have to be overcome? Are there misconceptions about your industry? Or things that people are skeptical about in what you do?

Educate your audience to clarify and ease their fears and objections.

9. It isn’t easy to buy from you or contact you.

Are your systems not properly set up to make the buying and contacting seamless? Are you making people jump through hopes for a desired action?

Make it easy for clients to know what to do next- tell them. (you do this, then this, click here)

10. You’ve chosen a market that is not viable

Are people already engaged in purchasing your type of product or service?

If people aren’t already seeking the solution you provide, it may not be an urgent need. It’s not to say that you can’t build a business that is not around an urgent desire. However, it is going to take a lot more work to educate your audience; so they become aware of why they even need what you offer.

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